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Storage Tank Pollution Insurance Coverage

Underground (USTs) and Above ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) 

USTs up to 45 Years Old ... (but don't wait until it's too late!)

The storage tank pollution market has been changing due to the nations aging tank population. Most insurers have been sharply raising premiums, increasing deductibles and cancelling policies on tanks that don't fit their coverage profile.  However, CEI continues to provide quality A+ rated storage tank ​coverage at very competitive premiums!                 We write USTs and ASTs .... it's what we do!

Coverage Highlights

  • Premium credit for approved tank upgrades
  • Fully meets the requirements for Financial Responsibility 40 CFR 280
  • Government Mandated Cleanup Costs, both on-site and offsite
  • Third-party bodily injury and property damage
  • Defense costs of $1,000,000 per incident (not an aggregate)
  • Policy holder receives a Certificate of Financial Responsibility
  • Includes six-month extended reporting period in even of non-renewal.
  • Covers investigation costs to confirm a release.

Contractors & Consultants Pollution Insurance

Contractors Pollution (CPL) & Consultants Professional (ESP)

Contractors Pollution
Liability (CPL)

Coverage is provided to protect against liabilities arising from pollution conditions caused or exacerbated by contracted operations on a claims made or occurrence basis including clean up, third party bodily injury and property damage, and legal defense costs. Policies may be purchased by contractors (either as a Project or Practice basis) or by the client as part of an owner-controlled program.

Environmental Services Professional (ESP)

Coverage is provided for Professional Indemnity and Contractors Pollution Liability exposures on a combined or stand-alone basis. Designed for environmental consultants and contractors, the policy provides for compensatory damages and legal costs arising from a breach of professional services; and / or third-party liabilities (clean up or property damage / bodily injury) arising from or pollution caused by operations undertaken by the insured. Extensions to coverage can include loss of documents coverage, court attendance compensation, liabilities arising from the new Environmental Liability Directive and the liability of Directors and Officers of the insured. The ESP product can be obtained by completing the CPL ESP App above.

Environmental GL Package

Coverage combines the General Liability, Contractors Pollution (CPL) and Environmental Professional Liability (ESP) all within a single limit of liability, which can result in significant premium savings. These policies generally include all of the same protections of the individual CPL and ESP and most often enable the insured to purchase a following form excess liability policy to supply significant coverage limits when required. Underwriting guidelines for the environmental package will require that at least 50 % of an insured’s overall operations be related to environmental work. The product is not for general or artisan contractors with incident environmental exposures. The CPL and ESP policies are meant for those risks with less environmental work or exposures. The package can be obtained by completing the CPL ESP Application.

Pollution Legal Liability for Real-Estate

Site Pollution Insurance coverage for single locations and portfolios

​The pollution liability policy most applicable to addressing sites and facilities is an Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) insurance policy, also known as a Premises Pollution policy, Pollution Legal Liability (PLL), or Site Pollution Liability. This product is designed to provide coverage for unknown pre-existing, and future environmental liabilities. It can be crafted to provide coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and cleanup costs as a result of a pollution event. In addition, the policy can also be endorsed to address environmental liabilities associated with transporting products or waste products to and from the location, as well as the disposal at non-owned disposal sites (NODs).

Target Clients

  • Merger & acquisition
  • Recycling/Waste Handling
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Manufacturing/Industrial
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Commercial Warehousing
  • Pharmaceuticals/chemicals
  • Food processing/Packaging
  • Technology R&D Facilities
  • Power Generation Facilities
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hospitals /Healthcare
  • Municipalities/Public Entities
  • Real Estate, Property Management and Development
  • Lending institutions and portfolio Management

Policy Highlights

  • Limits available up to $25 million
  • Multi-year policy available to 10 years.
  • Menu driven format offering customized solutions
  • Pre-Existing & New Pollution Conditions
  • Clean-up On-Site & Off-Site Conditions
  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage
  • Legal defense costs
  • Business Interruption Expense
  • Restoration Costs
  • Transportation of Cargo
  • Non-Owned Disposal Sites
  • Natural Resource Damage
  • Products pollution
  • Broad definition of Pollutant includes Mold and Medical Waste

Petroleum Equipment Contractors and Equipment Suppliers

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Sponsored by the Petroleum Equipment Institute, this insurance program is specifically designed for petroleum equipment contractors. First developed in 1994, the program has expanded its scope and grown to include other related contractors, including:

  • Petroleum Equipment Contractors
  • Petroleum Equipment Dealers
  • Cathodic Protection Contractors
  • Env. Drillers and Testing Companies
  • Env. Consultants (Phase I & Phase II)
  • Service Station/C-Store Maintenance &
  • Construction Contractors

General Liability Coverage Summary:

  • Occurrence Based Coverage from “A-Rated” Insurance Carrier
  • $0 Deductible for PEI Members ($500 for Non-PMI Members)
  • Pollution Liability Coverage
  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • Simple one-page worksheet for quoting
  • Blanket Waivers of Subrogation and Additional Insureds
  • References from over 350 satisfied customers

Other Available Coverages:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Contractors Equipment Floaters
  • Installation Floater
  • Payment & Performance Bonds
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Cyber Liability

Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL)

Pollution Liability for Fuel Haulers, Waste Transporters, and others.

Companies who transport hazardous materials, or any product with the potential to cause environmental damage, and who rely solely on the CA 9948 for pollution coverage are missing important liability protection for some of the largest and most frequent transportation pollution exposures. Common commodities such as detergents, vegetable oil, adhesives and even milk products have the potential to cause pollution damages if they are introduced to the environment during an accidental release. Transportation pollution liability provides protection for products or materials transported, protection for products or materials transported, shipped, or delivered by the insured or by a carrier on the insured’s behalf. Environmental carriers typically offer this enhancement on risks with transportation exposure and some carriers will also specifically include loading and unloading. While unendorsed contractor’s pollution liability ("CPL") policies may include coverage for vehicle use at a jobsite, they typically offer little or no coverage for transportation exposures away from a jobsite. TPL would be available to address this exposure. Additionally, TPL is available for site-specific risks with transportation exposures including manufacturers, freight forwards, and distribution centers. This enhancement can be endorsed onto site pollution to address their exposure.

Coverage Includes:

(up to but not limited to)

  • Spill Clean Up
  • Property Damage
  • Bodily Injury
  • Defense
  • Coverage during, prior and subsequent
  • To Loading and Unloading
  • Liability assumed by contract
  • Natural Resource Damage Coverage
  • Waste Disposal Site Coverage

Environmental Excess Insurance (XS)

Excess or Umbrella Insurance for Environmental Exposures

One of the questions most often asked is "How much in limits should we buy"? It's an honest question, and the most honest answer is "$1 more than the largest claim you will ever have"!

While we can compare and benchmark your company against others of similar size and operations, we can never assure any client they will never have a claim larger than their coverage.

Many umbrella and excess liability policies contain an absolute pollution exclusion and do not cover environmental exposures and damages. However, environmental excess coverage is readily available from select insurers who understand the risks. Most environmental excess forms are "following forms" which provide the same breadth of coverage provided in the underlying policies; the excess insurance will often insist on writing the primary GL layer in order to provide the excess coverage.