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Spill Clean Up
Property Damage
Bodily Injury
Coverage during, prior and subsequent

    to Loading and Unloading
Liability assumed by contract
Natural Resource Damage Coverage
Pollution from Misdelivery
Waste Disposal Site Coverage

Target Clients

Companies who transport hazardous materials, or any product with the potential to cause environmental damage, and who rely solely on the CA 9948 for pollution coverage are missing important liability protection for some of the largest and most frequent transportation pollution exposures.   Common commodities such as detergents, vegetable oil, adhesives and even milk products have the potential to cause 

Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL)

Pollution Liability for Fuel Haulers, Waste Transporters, and others.

pollution damages if they are introduced to the environment during an accidental release. 

Transportation pollution liability provides protection for products or materials transported, protection for products or materials transported, shipped, or delivered by the insured or by a carrier on the insured’s behalf. Environmental carriers typically offer this enhancement on risks with transportation exposure and some carriers will also specifically include loading and unloading. While unendorsed contractor’s pollution liability ("CPL") policies may include coverage for vehicle use at a jobsite, they typically offer little or no coverage for transportation exposures away from a jobsite. TPL would be available to address this exposure. Additionally, TPL is available for site-specific risks with transportation exposures including manufacturers, freight forwards, and distribution centers. This enhancement can be endorsed onto site pollution to address their exposure.

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