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▪  ​​Fully meets the requirements for Financial Responsibility 40 CFR 280

  Government Mandated Cleanup Costs, both on-site and offsite

▪  Third-party bodily injury and property damage

▪  Defense costs of $1,000,000 per  incident (not an aggregate) 

▪  Policy holder receives a Certificate of Financial Responsibility

▪  Inclues six-month extended reporting period in even of non-renewal.

▪  Covers investigation costs to confirm a release.

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A convenience store chain installed new double-walled tanks/lines at one of it's stores, complete with automatic tank & line leak detection with the latest technology to meet all the current regulatory requirements ... state of the art!   Within the first two months, the site manager noticed the inventories were off and contacted the tank equipment installation contractor who reviewed tand tested the tanks/lines before they replaced the leak detection software.  The site opeartors continued to have shortages and again contacted the installer who identified some issues with the sump, spil and over fill which were then corrected.  After two more months of inventory issues, the site owner and contractor performed a series of tracer soil gas tests during which they indentified a small previously ndetected leak in a pipe joint that had been leaking over eitght months since the system was installed.  Although the leak was relatively slow, the eight month cascading event allowed an accumulation of contamination that resulted in a million dollar remediation.  Even with the latest leak technology, releases happen!

USTs up to 40+ Years Old  (but don't wait until it's too late!)

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Storage Tank Pollution Insurance Coverage

Underground (USTs) and Above ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) 

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The storage tank pollution market has been changing due to the nations aging tank population.   Most insurers have been sharply raising premiums, increasing deductibles and cancelling policies on tanks that don't

fit their coverage profile.   However, CEI continues to provide

quality A+ rated  storage tank ​coverage at very competitive premiums!  

We write USTs and ASTs .... it's what we do!