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Pollution Legal Liability for Real-Estate

Site Pollution Insurance coverage for single locations and portfolios

The US commercial property market is estimated to be $1-2 trillion - 50% estimated to have some contamination • Corporations are more willing to market legacy properties and share in redevelopment efforts • Certain lenders, developers and real estate investors have evolved to be more tolerant and understanding of environmental risk • Recent regulatory developments are making the sale, purchase and redevelopment of contaminated property more attractive • Infill projects and urban revitalization trends are “hot” in certain markets where environmentally challenged properties are located.

▪ Merger & acquisition                 ▪ Recycling/Waste Handling         ▪ Transportation Facilities  
▪ Manufacturing/Industrial           ▪ Storage and Distribution            ▪ Commercial Warehousing 
▪ Pharmaceuticals/chemicals      ▪ Food processing/Packaging      ▪ Technology R&D Facilities 
▪ Power Generation Facilities      ▪ Oil and Gas Facilities                 ▪ Schools & Universities
▪ Hospitals /Healthcare                                                                        ▪  Municipalities/Public Entities 
▪ Real Estate, Property Management and Development 
▪ Lending institutions and portfolio Management

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The pollution liability policy most applicable to addressing sites and facilities is an Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) insurance policy, also known as a Premises Pollution policy, Pollution Legal Liability (PLL), or Site Pollution Liability. This product is designed to provide coverage for unknown pre-existing, and future environmental liabilities.  It can be crafted to provide coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and cleanup costs as a result of a pollution event.   In addition, the policy can also be endorsed to address environmental liabilities associated with transporting products or waste products to and from the location, as well as the disposal at non-owned disposal sites (NODs).

> Limits available up to $25 million

> Multi-year policy available to 10 years.
> Menu driven format offering customized solutions 

   ▪  Pre-Existing & New Pollution Conditions      ▪  Clean-up On-Site & Off-Site Conditions       ▪  Bodily Injury & Property Damage     
   ▪  Legal defense costs                                         ▪  Business Interruption Expense                    ▪   Restoration Costs
   ▪  Transportation of Cargo                                  ▪   Non-Owned Disposal Sites                           ▪    Natural Resource Damage 

   ▪   Products pollution                                          ▪  Broad definition of Pollutant includes Mold and Medical Waste

          (UST & AST)   Save 20-30%