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                                                                  Storage tank policies are designed to meet the financial responsibility requirements; the rating and                                                                              underwriting consideration do not always allow them to be competitive when trying to cover the site                                                                            pollution exposures from petroleum and non petroleum products stored and used in the automobile

service industry ... things such as drums of oil, antifreeze hydraulic fluids and other vehicle components and operational risks.  Often times

the small service center or auto dealer does not have regulated USTs but may have all of the pollution risk just mentioned.  The Dealers

Pollution Advantage product can provide coverage for all of these risks, including non-owned disposal site coverage, transportation

pollution and others risks you can not find under any general liability or storage tank policy, all at an competitive premium!   

If a dealer has regulated storage tanks which require a certificate to demonstrate "proof of financial responsibility", some the storage tank

pollution insurance products can be modified to capture the pollution risks not contained in a regulated storage .... call us to discuss any

specific needs for your auto, trick, construction or farm implement dealers .... 844-234-2341.

Target Clients:

Dealers Pollution Program

Coverage for the Auto Dealer and Service Industry

Small entities that provide auto servicing work have unique pollution liability needs. Often, these small entities can only find limited add-on Pollution Liability coverage which doesn't fully meet their needs or traditional Pollution Liability policies which are expensive and beyond what is needed.

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