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Contractors & Consultants Pollution Insurance 

Contractors Pollution (CPL) & Consultants Professional (ESP)

Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) coverage is

provided to protect against liabilities arising from pollution

conditions caused or exacerbated by contracted operations

on a claims made or occurrence basis including clean up,

third party bodily injury and property damage, and legal

defence costs. Policies may be purchased by contractors

(either as a Project or Practice basis) or by the client as

part of an owner’s controlled program.

Environmental Services Professional (ESP) coverage is provided for Professional Indemnity and Contractors Pollution Liability exposures on a combined or stand alone basis. Designed for environmental consultants and contractors, the policy provides for compensatory damages and legal costs arising from a breach of professional services; and / or third party liabilities (clean up or property damage / bodily injury) arising from or pollution caused by operations undertaken by the insured. Extensions to cover can include loss of documents cover, court attendance compensation, liabilities arising from the new Environmental Liability Directive and the liability of Directors and Officers of the insured.  
The ESP product can be obtained by completing the CPL ESP App above. 

Environmental GL Package coverage includes the General Liability, Contractors Pollution and Professional Liability coverages all with the same primary limits, and can result in significant premium savings by combining all of these coverage into the same policy.  These policies generally include all of the same coverage as those provided in the CPL and ESP described above and most often enable the insured to purchase a following form excess liability policy to supply significant limits coverage when required. Underwriting guidelines for the environmental package will require that at least 50% of an insured's overall operations be related to environmental work.  The product is not for the general or artisan contractor contractor with incidental environmental exposures.  The CPL and ESP policies are meant for those risks with less environmental work.  The package product can also be obtained by completing the CPL ESP App above.